The lasting solution in the fight against the processionary caterpillar
100% ORGANIC | 100% NATURAL | 100% VEGETAL
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Catefix is a durable solution in the fight against the oak and pine processionary caterpillar. Nests are easily fixed with Catefix, which immediately eliminates the nuisance of toxic hairs. Moreover, it prevents further expansion of the caterpillar population. An additional advantage is that the trees are no longer damaged and children can play outside safely.

Catefix is 100% effective, easy and quick to use and is also fully biodegradable. The fixed and treated nest can remain in place. An effective and scalable solution that can be carried out by any professional gardener/arborist. 

Catefix is the sustainable solution in the fight against oak and pine processionary caterpillars.  


Catefix is 100% biodegradable, non-toxic and durable.  


Step 1: Indicate/locate the oak processional caterpillar nest

Step 2: Treat the oak processional caterpillar nest with Catefix

Step 3: The processional oak caterpillar's nest treated and fixed 

Catefix works intensively and closely with municipalities, arboriculturists, gardeners and other stakeholders to tackle the "oak and pine processional caterpillar problem" in an integrated and collective manner, in the most effective and sustainable way possible. We like to tell you our story personally, so please do not hesitate to contact us.